last summer soundtrack.

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hey guys, today the subject is about my last summer soundtrack. i know it sounds a little boring and outdated but it has a lot of meaning and reminds me some good memories, faces, shapes, places, foods, and MUSICS.. so before i come to this cold country and heartless city, i travelled a lot throughout the southwest coast of PORTUGAL (ALENTEJO), with some of the most important persons in my life and we’ve been in music festivals, camping, enjoying beaches/nature and living a “lowcost” life-style. well during these days i really got into these two bands/records and both played repeatedly in my small (but furious muahah) yaris a billion times.

For those who are not aware of these two great artists and albuns, they are SANTOGOLD and MGMT and believe me, you’re missing some great INDIE/NEW-WAVE/ PSYCHEDELIC/ELECTRONIC music, and even if you are not great lover of these styles, you should check the remixes of L.E.S ARTISTES, YOU’LL FIND A WAY (SANTOGOLD) or ELECTRIC FEEL (MGMT) remixed by JUSTICE . musically both artists explore different paths but at least in my mind they just fit together and complement each other. yep only in my mind :) and due to the fact that these albums were one of the best soundtracks of all my summers.

i hope they might be a good soundtrack for a special time in your life too (:

peace out and i am,

pedro pissarra

last summer soundtrack

last summer soundtrack


post scriptum – from now on the links for myspace are over the artist name.


Uma resposta to “last summer soundtrack.”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    por acaso nao gosto de nenhuma dessas 2 cenas, mas a santolas agora tem participado numas cenas fixes, tipo uma das faixas novas do Jay-Z para a soundtrack do filme do B.I.G. axo eu.

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