poison the well – versions b-side 7″ collection,

dear sweetie

i was always a really die hard fan of this band and keep religiously their first full-length “the opposite of december… a season of seperation” amongst my not-so-long albums collection that i truely love. well, they are POISON THE WELL from MIAMI, FLORIDA and while preparing the sucessor of the well received “VERSIONS“, they’ve been releasing a limited edition set of three 7” vinyl records entitled I/III, II/III and III/III which are b-sides of VERSIONS. already two of them have been released and both are available in physic as digital format, aswell as you can find some really interesting special packs with a new t-shirt design and three parts of a tryptic that will reveal a secret message when you put them all together, all at a reasonable price (you can find more information at their myspace).

poison the well

poison the well

honestly, if you don’t know them or you’re not into the post-hardcore/experimental scene, certainly you’ll not be amazed by these b-sides but if you’re a really big fan of this band or kind of bands, definitely you will love these little “candies”.

peace out and i am,




II/IIIPOISON THE WELL – II/III (these two musics were ripped of band’s myspace so the quality is not that good.. at least you can kill curiosity!)


Uma resposta to “poison the well – versions b-side 7″ collection,”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    e o meu vinil do the opposite of december tambem nao kerias pa tua colecçao? ahahahah :P.
    so nao consigo é arranjar o You Come Before You em cd…so me falta esse album e nao me aptece mandar vir da net lol.

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