miguel visit hildesheim.


some go, others come. life is like this and after the great loss of my dear turkish friends whom left back to TURKEY, i received a big surprise of one of my best friends ever, MIGUEL. who just appear in town to visit me, chill and party a little before he goes back to PORTUGAL and start the typical student life-style again. we’ve been hanging around and enjoying a kind of guided tour through the city and small villages, showing him some nice places where i lived for the last half year. he studied in DENMARK (Aarhus) during one semester and his main subject is biology and some nerdy things such as those that you need to be inside a lab. for consecutive days up to discover a molecule within a molecule which in turn is inside another thing that as a strange and latin name like Mezorizobium loti and bla bla bla… besides that he is a big-hearted fellow with a lovely huge family that invites me to dine everytime i go there  only to drop an “hey, zup bro?!



peace out and i am,


miguel and i

miguel and i


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