international day of people with disabilities


last year i worked on a project for the international day of disabled people with mental and/or motor limitations, developing several flyers against discrimination of the such ones with a message rather “think outside the box.” well, one of these flyers was AWARDED IN 2009 AND PUBLISHED IN AGENDA of the association that supports these people. the message it transmitted is that there are no space for differences between any person in the world, we all born under the same sky  and we all die alone one day, so we need to spread the word to help and love each other. the text says “DIFFERENCES EXIST (up),  ONLY IN YOUR HEAD (below)” and the photo of two equal apples, as an attack on all the closed minds that can’t see beyond their limited world and squared lifes.

one big up for my last year classmate RITA SANTOS that provided me all the information and photos.

post scriptum: they wrote my name wrong, pedro pissara :x


peace out and i am,


agenda front cover

agenda front cover

my chosen flyer

my chosen flyer


Uma resposta to “international day of people with disabilities”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    NAHHH, SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS MEMO! parabens, curto essa onda bue simples com a mensagem subentendida…

    e tens k dar desconto na cena do nome…o gajo k fez a cena se calhar escrevia em braile e nao passou bem o dedo no ultimo R ahahahahha

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