canary islands


las palmas

gran canaria las palmas

sunset clouds over tenerife

sunset clouds over tenerife



so here’s the deal, in two weeks i’ll be down these three islands famed by the great and warm weather just off the northwest coast of the AFRICAN CONTINENT, surrounded by a lot of nice people/good friends, enjoying one of the most famous carnivals on earth, the beautiful landscapes, surfing, driving, eating some local food and partying until the sun comes out! i found pretty cheap flights on the web and i will be there for almost 15 days. firstly i will land in TENERIFE (where took place one of the most deadly accidents ever in the aviation area, auch!), stay for a few days and proceed my great trip to GRANCANARIA and finally FUERTEVENTURA.

oh, i almost forgot, these are the CANARY ISLANDS and i can guess what’s your next holiday destination.


peace out and i am,


post.scriptum: the blog is becoming only about my life, i promise the next posts will be reviews of good films or music.


2 Respostas to “canary islands”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    cabraozão…ve lá se me convidaste. mas realmente tá brutal, acho que tenho que ir lá passar umas férias sem dúvida…sebem que essa trampa turística também engana, vais é mamar chuva que te lixas :P*

  2. O teu papá Says:

    ok, nice spot… but… nothings beats Arrentela and you know that! you just don t admited, famous with the notourius Praia da Velha (or should i say… “old women with one hand beach?”) or for those couzy restaurents Manuel da Conquilha, Golo, Tia Xuca… and you´re talking about carnival?!?!? Give me a break… Las Fiestas de la Nostra Senhora da Boa Hora (good hour lady… for those who aren’t “in” the portuguese chip chat)… kiss your beautiful hand made ass!

    Eat That …. Pussy with lots lots of Pubic Hair _|_

    pardon my french and my orthographic errors…

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