cold war kids

loyalty to indie

“we don’t gamble, we don’t do the stock exchange, we paint paintings, we write scenes for the stage, we will talk about welfare, we will talk about sex, talk about the pope in prada shoes. nobody gets upset, we’re waiting for your call, we’re against privacy, forget ex-girlfriends, we want little governments, we tell stories, we want to get you to join in. call us optimistic, we get the meanest looks, we are bar stool romantics history books will show. we’re sure that you’ll agree.”

cold war kids

cold war kids

and so begins the latest album “LOYALTY TO LOYALTY” of COLD WAR KIDS, straight from LONG BEACH, playing the so-well-known indie rock, but, this time with a different angle. being the indie, electro, crunk or the post-whatever one of the new trends nowadays, we found dozens of bands that basically play the same over and over, with the typical empty and non-feeling food for brain. but these guys take music to another level. they grab  us by the hand and for nearly one hour we travel together through the sad long paths of blues and soul but also into the euphoria of experimentalism and rock using these components as ornaments to their indie formula. it’s funny, intelligent and notorious how they pull all these things with a great-looking album and propaganda artwork (the best i’ve seen lately). “SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH ME” is the single that has been released and the band are currently touring over the US.


peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “cold war kids”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    hummm…estiveste bem agora.

    desconhecia a banda, e o som deles também nao é assim taooo original à 1ª vista, misturam é as influencias certas…mas ta muito bom e vou sacar.

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