the qemists

(en)jo(y)in’ the q!

the qemists
the qemists

while doing my usual daily search on myspace / youtube world, i found this great new band from the big european country of drum’n’bass UK, they are THE QEMISTS and although i’m not a big fan nor am i into this type of music or movement, these guys really got my attention and made me hear a thousand times their myspace player. the mix between drum’n’bass with instruments and elements of rock, such as drums, guitars and bass makes their debut album JOIN THE Q one of the best inside the genre (imo) and one of those that you hear from the beginning till the end without losing interest or getting bored . it can’t be 100% original, but these guys have a great potential to succeed in today’s music industry. themes vary from dancehall/hip hop in  DEM NO LIKE ME to the heavier and super fast LOST WEEKEND with the participation of the vocalist, multi-instumentalist and multi-“bandist” MIKE PATTON (faith no more, fantômas, tomahawk, etc).
few minutes before posting, i discovered that they remixed the song DIE TONIGHT played by one of my favorite acts in UK, INNERPARTYSYSTEM.
check both and guess what? JOIN THE FUCKING Q!

join the q promotional flyer

join the q - promotional flyer


peace out and guess who i am?


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