the boy in the striped pajamas


boy in the striped pajamas

boy in the striped pajamas

based on the novel of JOHN BOYNE released in 2006 which sold over 4 million copies worldwide and bestseller in several countries, this is a movie that mixes the innocence of a child and the horrific part of nazi holocaust during WW2. the story of a boy named BRUNO, who lives in BERLIN with his family which are forced to move to the countryside because his father is member of the german army and help is requested to command and support the troops. BRUNO like every 8-year-old child loves explore and his curiosity leads him to SHMUEL, a jewish child who lives in the concentration camp, badly treated and forced to work. the story takes place while BRUNO tries to have fun facing this whole scenario as a innocent game and helping his friend with the difficulties that arise such as an incessant search for SHMUEL’S missing father.

A NEGATIVE POINT: the typical british accent that somehow is quite ironic and doesn’t make much sense. in my opinion to make a good and powerful film about the WW2 and the nazi movement at this time, the german language is fundamental to the concept of reality.


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