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good morning dear readers and blog addicts, today i present you something that goes beyond the usual SHOW AND TELL thing. as a GRAPHIC DESIGNER i developed this year a box of illustrations/graphics for a project in college which the main subject were the curses, superstitions and the world of occult. i decided to work on those mythical and traditional TAROT CARDS re-creating and giving them a new-fresh face. these brand new collection are a social criticism to the world today, to power and money, to war and anger, politics and lack of love, using an antonym form between the title and the illustration. well this is a 9-piece collection + explanatory analysis + a set of 4 cards (real size) in a dinA4 and it’s a very limited edition with only 3 COPIES FOR SALE. one of these copies will be sold as part of the university project in a image-graphic FAIR here in GERMANY and the other two are available to the general public and everyone who wants to buy regardless the country. these graphics are printed with a great quality on a natural white paper of 250g each piece (it can’t be sold separately) and the price of all package is 15 € plus an bright and golden cardboard box completely hand-maded.

well if you are interested just drop me a line: graphikaink [at], identify yourself properly (in case that we never met before, ahah) then we communicate and find the best solution for the exchange and the payment of such.
don’t forget this is a limited edition of only 3 copies with the SEAL OF QUALITY GRAPHIKA.INK. tarot cards tarot cards tarot cards


peace out and i am,


post-scriptum: GRAPHIKA.INK is selling another products, if you wanna check’em just get in touch with me or wait until the next GRAPHIKA.INK post.


2 Respostas to “GRAPHIKA.INK”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    parece-me interessante, mas tens k puxar mais por essas fotos de sample se keres vender esse mambo…essa meia luz ou algo assim em que tiraste as fotos nao favorece nada as cores…luz branca nisso pa ficar apresentável boy! ;)..e podias mostrar td arrumadinho e na caixa tambem :P

  2. pedrocas Says:

    boy homemade ahahah pegar ou largar, nao ha ca nada dessas tretas de profissionalismo ahah

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