TLK goes video.

inner friendship

my good friend, neighbor and classmate NELSON (TLK) posted a new experimental video called “INNER GATE“. we worked together several times for university works/projects and for those super-bored-afternoons when you  think there’s nothing can save your day, so you end up doing such things like rolling me all in adhesive tape and create some kind of monster, some kind of pedro! (post pictures later if i find’em). but this video is really quite interesting, professional and different from all the things he made, as also the deluxe soundtrack makes all the images, shapes and colors dance on the screen and shake your brains for almost 5 minutes.

open your gate, put your seatbelt on and have a nice inner trip.


peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “TLK goes video.”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    realmente ta interessante. ele devia concorrer a festivais de curtas com isto…e pela mistura de ambientes e cores no video diria k também k dá um bom VJ, se ék inda nao lhe deu pra isso…;)

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