up the punx!

after three long years, TORONTO ELECTRO-PUNK KIDS MSTRKRFT are back with a new killer album. deceive those who thought this could be “THE LOOKS PART II” and would find another normal electro album that fills the dance clubs of our cities. this is new and fresh and it takes this style to a new artistic level. i confess that i was not surprised with their first long-duration cause it sounded the same as the other several albums produced that year. so i waited for the so awaited “FIST OF GOD” and really worth it. this eclectic album has holdings from the american soul singer JOHN LEGEND via new rock band THE CARPS, to the hip-hopers N.O.R.E & ISIS (not the post-metal one) and GHOSTFACE KILLAH (WTC). despite all of this and the pretty good level of music, not everything is so positive. i have to highlight the “lack of taste” or something that doesn’t fit: like the appearance of the album artwork, that in my opinion is friggin’ terrible, the fact that this long-duration is quite short (only 30 minutes) and the poor concept / performance / production of the last single video “BOUNCE“. so expect a good,concise and quite versatile album but not a masterpiece or something that could become a milestone.

FIST OF GOD is the album that marks the return of MSTRKRFT, and it’s scheduled to be released on 17 March.


peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “mstrkrft”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    pra mim estes sao tao hype como os Crookers…da pa ver neste album k as melhores musicas continuam a ser as k têm guests, justamente pk so o som deles nao puxa assim tanto.
    mas ta melhor k o anterior sem duvida, esse entao nem passava de mediano, valeu-lhe foi os imensos remixes e xeirinhos adicionais k lhe meteram nas pistas de dança.

    e WTC? World Trade Center? isso ja deu o bufo boy, it’s WU-TANG! e o Ghost nao ta a fazer nada nessa faixa lol.

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