one hundred steps

i always saw ONE HUNDRED STEPS as a blatant and shameless copy of MORE THAN A THOUSAND (that by the way will release a new song on their myspace in 2 days) and so never paid much attention to them and their music. but a month ago while i was in the infinite world of myspace, i stopped at their “little house” and decided to lose 5 minutes and see what this band had new to offer me. ok, one of the things that i always loved from them is the professional and clean appearance of the myspace layout and for that i give them some good credits. they released a new album called HUMAN CLOUDS” and i decided to hear it and formulate a musical cricticism based on it. The truth is since when i purchased the album, it remains in repeat mode in my playlist on and on … the influences from MORE THAN A THOUSAND are still very vivid but there’s a smarter way of creating, the melodic parts makes you hover out in the calm universe and the chaotic parts pull you back on earth and knock your head a billion times. the production is something brutal, worthy of an foreign album.
for lovers of mt1000, classic case, the cities burn, alexisonfire, norma jean and so on


yo, i’m leaving today to CANARY ISLANDS! :) vamos a la playa!



peace out y yo soy,



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  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    compraste essa merda? nah, no lo creo. e o album so tem prai 3 malhas decentes…de resto, boring.

    fodasse so agora ék captei k as ilhas sao bueeee fora da europa…pensei k eram no mediterraneo ve la! mais valia ires a africa LOL

  2. O Tio Belzebu Says:

    for real? Canarias? … se for bom avisa! pode ser que ainda lá vá este ano… e quanto ao album, it sucks big time! words of hate are the coolest band in the world, and spain too!

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