buraka som sistema

shake that thing!

it’s practically impossible not like these boys and the innovative style they brought to the PORTUGUESE music market. but my opinion is a bit-bit suspicious ‘cause they are my favourite electro/kuduro project ever.

buraka som sistema

well for you see with your own eyes that i’m not exaggerating, check this full live set recorded at PARADISO VENUE in AMSTERDAM HERE. both image and sound are excellent and you can feel the plenty true energy and vivacity of BURAKA SOM SISTEMA. if this is your cup of tea, just download these two new mixtapes that they made for PITCHFORK and FADER. BOMB!


peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “buraka som sistema”

  1. vanessa Says:

    concordo plenamente!
    ia escrever um post sobre eles mas voces ja disseram tudo!! =)

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