franz kafka – the metamorphosis


second time posting today. i’m opening a new topic called LITTERA, dedicated to read-lovers, litterature and books. the truth is, i don’t have much time to read as i’d like, but when it’s possible i just devour a book in a few hours, a day or two. my first review and recommendation goes to the  major (imo) modernist and existentialist writer of the 20th century, FRANZ KAFKA and his novella DIE VERWANDLUNG or THE METAMORPHOSIS published in 1915. the story revolves around the young GREGOR SAMSA who is a traveling salesman and certain day wakes up in his bed transformed into a monstrous insect. the story becomes quite surrealistic and oniric but it’s damn addictive the way that KAFKA describes the life and all details of a person who financially supported his family and some morning faced a lot of difficulties, fears and physical/communication barriers. this appears to be based on FRANZ KAFKA’S life and the period when he suffered from tuberculosis and feared the repulsive side from his family, being her sister his caretaker.
a nice point: the PORTUGUESE EDITION contains an illustration of PAULA REGO on the hardcover.
30 € FNAC.
cultivate your minds.

original cover of "the metamorphosis"


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2 Respostas to “franz kafka – the metamorphosis”

  1. Emanuel Matos Says:

    um pouco cara essa ediçao boy…eu tenho o Processo em versao pocketbook e custou-me prai 5€ na altura…mas ainda nao li lol. ando à séculos pa começar uma secçao assim no meu blog, mas tenho prai 30 livros em fila de espera.

  2. The Trial « WALKtheWALK Says:

    […] was told already by many people that I should have started with the Metamorphosis (nicely reviewed here and here), and although it was a hard reading, I stuck with it, and ended up finding it very […]

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