enlightenment or doomsday?


hey folks,

fast post just to let you know that yesterday i met the daughter of the man who made the special effects for one next big hollywood production: 2012. i made some searches bout that and this teaser video really gave me the creeps. yesterday we were dining at a typical spanish restaurant and she told me that her father made the s.e for this and other blockbuster movies.

this is the teaser video:

i don’t care if this would be a scam afterall, it would be a great production for, sure!

if you don’t know what the hell i’m talking about, just do some google search, and maybe you’ll not sleep tonight.

peace out and i am,



2 Respostas to “2012”

  1. destination2012 Says:

    Hey Pedro,

    I saw this trailer at the theater with my kids…scared the heck out of them!

    I’ve been researching this whole 2012 phenom for about 2 years now, even took a trip to Chichen Itza on the Ukatan to get a first hand look at some of these ancient Mayan buildings t get a feel for who they are…

    I think this movie (or at least the trailer) is irresponsible. Creating palpable unwarranted fear to sell tickets. I have a feeling that that scene isn’t even in the movie….


  2. Emanuel Matos Says:

    os SFX tao fixes, mas fim do mundo é coisa de cinema ahahahhaha. o fim do mundo vai ser pela mao humana, nao é pelo sol alinhar-se ca terra e o centro da galaxia…lol isso é so um evento normal como um eclipse, k so é especial na perspectiva terrestre ;).

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