diagon collective.

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diagon collective

long time no posting. in fact i’ve been busy organizing all the material and other things for the next approaching semester. for those who do not know, i’m back in TOWN and these are times of transition cause it’s never easy to leave a city where you lived, studied and had some really good friendships. so i’m posting to let you know that i create a collective called DIAGON COLLECTIVE. this will be an international group of people who somehow are connected to the world of arts, design, photography, music, cinema and so on.. the main goal is unite and spread these categories in and out the internet world, publishing some quality works such as zines, paintings, music, social interventions, etc. right now we’re recruiting some friends and known-persons and creating a good administrative service and structure where the base will stand.

you’ll find out more things very soon, keep in touch.


peace out and i am,



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  1. phomer Says:

    hey.. parece-m niceee

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