multi-music post

hello, i’m ill :( so i’ve nothing to do than watch programs and movies on my new 40″ SAMSUNG LCD! ahah :) and post for the second time.  this is kind of a multi-music post about an GOLD singer who changes her artistic name without any explanation, a new great portuguese video and why JASON MRAZ is such a great artist!

well let’s star with this last one, i found this live music video out there.. the footage is kinda of old but here you can see how he and his team are such a great and dynamic musicians, though he is only accompanied by his percussionist:

the second one is the latest single video from BURAKA SOM SISTEMA: AQUI PARA VOCÊS, it’s funny and strange the mix of an INDUSTRIAL-LISBON, some non-sense shooting plus a great “mud fluorescent lighting”. book on your agenda: this friday ALMADA shall come down!

the third and final one, SANTOGOLD inexplicably changed her stage name to SANTIGOLD, some say that she was sued by PLAINTIFF SANTO RIGATUSO (SANTO GOLD) who earned a cult following for his unique, and sometimes bizarre songs, movies, and infomercial appearances. yet there’s no official word by her side about this name changing.



peace out and i am,



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