after reading almost all the twelve comic book collection, released in 1986, i stepped into the cinema with my HOMIES and see how ZACK SNYDER would make it after the huge success of “300”. i was mentally prepared to a great disappointment cause the comics were so rich-detailed that made me fall in love at first sight with the story, the characters and magic it involves. actually i found that the adaptation really made the cut, very concise and not running far from the original work, improving it in several aspects but not bringing it 100% to the XXI CENTURY, (which is hard to find on today’s films adaptations). PROPS to ZACK SNYDER for directing again such a great movie, the whole SUPERHEROES CREW and the good, bouncy and well choosed soundtrack that feature names like: BOB DYLAN, NAT KING COLE, SIMON AND GARFUNKEL, BILLIE HOLLIDAY, JIMI HENDRIX, NINA SIMON and BUDAPEST SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. i just don’t get what the heck MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE are doing in the middle of these refined artists, covering and ruining DYLAN’S DESOLATION ROW.. (tip: skip track 01!)

peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “watchmen.”

  1. O teu Papá Says:

    Dude since i’m not a popcorn movie freak fan, (my gender is ebony section!!!!) i shall not post a comment for that matter!


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