runs in the family.

like father, like son.

factor lisboa screenshot

my father always been my database on good jazz, soul, blues, rock music, among others. is amazing its vast culture in this and other topics and i’m not taking his part for being his son, but i’m proud to be able to say that i learned and still learn many cultural and life things with him. okay, let’s go straight to the point, he is reviewing those GOLDEN JAZZ masterpieces and artists, from the oldies to the newbies for a cultural magazine called: FACTOR LISBOA (click above the name or image) and i’m sorry foreign folks but it’s all in PORTUGUESE.

get yourself those relics, turn up the volume and float into the jazzy mood.

peace out and i am,



Uma resposta to “runs in the family.”

  1. Factor Lisboa Says:

    In name of all Contributors, we appreciate about this topic.
    Like you said, Like Father like Son.

    If someone wants to access the item, simply access this link:

    Thanks and regards to u

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