gran torino.

“ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you should not have fucked with? that’s me.”

gran torino

no shit, CLINT EASTWOOD deserves all the respect in the world for all the great movies he produced during all these years. despite of being one of those HOLLYWOOD DINOSAURS, he knows what he wants and does it well. after directing the american drama “CHANGELING“, he presents itself this time as an actor in the role of WALT KOWALSKI, a veteran of war who hates everything and everyone especially those who are not americans. he faces some problems since his wife’s death and only looks for strength and support in his old dog, who together trying to establish peace and respect on the neighborhood. impossible friendships become beautiful stories, showing that same cultures doesn’t necessarily means love or union. a negative point goes to the role of THAO VANG LOR, which i think it’s very forced and a bit fake acting.



peace out and i am,



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