numbers, foreknowledge and aliens?





KNOWING is a 2009 science-fiction film directed by ALEX PROYAS and starring NICOLAS CAGE in the role of JOHN KOESTLER. his son CALEB is chosen to open a mysterious envelope with a letter full of numbers placed in a time-capsule, during 1959, at william dawes elementary school in lexington. at first everyone think this are just some random numbers, but after an sleepless night and some whiskey bottles, JOHN finds a connection in all this numbers and some past human disasters. but also can predict future catastrophes, like a plane/metro crash and DOOMSDAY. S.E. are basically the strongest point here, quite real and shocky to the viewer. on other hand, the second part got me disappointed, for its predictability and some flaws along the story.

this is one of those that deserves to be watched in cinema,  so it is worth pay 3 or 4 € for the end of the world!!


peace out and i am,



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