the chariot.

not for the weak-hearted.

wars and rumors of wars cover

the chariot

those around me knows that i gave up a lot on all that heavy and hardcore stuff, that i used to hear back in the days. on one hand, i don’t feel THAT CHEMISTRY anymore, on the other, i discover new musical directions and qualities that made me fit in different and positive universes. but the good son always come home, and THE CHARIOT always been one of my preferred chaotic/hardcore/metal/whatever acts since i heard the “UNSUNG EP” in 2006. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS is their last work and it will hit the stores in two days, and though i couldn’t handle the curiosity and bowed to the leak version on internet, i’m saving now money to order my limited, hand numbered and autographed copy. just watch the vid below and see the interesting, funny, creative and yet lowcost way the album artwork was executed.


peace out and i am,

pedro pissarra


3 Respostas to “the chariot.”

  1. WALKtheWALK Says:

    epah, k paciencia lendaria…mas yah é o puro DIY, mais a serio do k mtas bandas k andam ai a pregar sermoes aos peixes sobre isso.

  2. ruben silva aka PESCAS Says:

    facto engraçado, por debaixo do pé direito do baixista está uma grande amiga minha “alicia” cuja foto está no album ;)

  3. ~ mstrmrk Says:

    E tiveste lá quando eles destruiram o MusicBox ? iso sim tinha sido uma boa ideia :o *

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