revolutionary road.

wheelers to paris?

revolutionary road

revolutionary road

revolutionary road

you know those brilliant movies that left a bitter taste in the end? i’m not making a  negative/destructive critic about  REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, quite the contrary. is genial and attractive the way this tragedy was written by RICHARD YATES in 1961 and interpreted by the FAMOUS COUPLE FROM THE SINKING TITANIC. after 11 years they re-join forces and give life to the WHEELERS, a mid-age couple who recently move to REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, and begin wonder if they ever followed their dreams until then. the drama comes with infidelities, false promises, former mathematicians under psychiatric care and abortion. if you misunderstood, when i talked about that bitter taste, i meant that it doesn’t come from any production/representation failure in this film. only for showing us an hard perspective how fragile life is.


peace out and i am,



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