you’re not wrong, believe me.

the mars volta


i always understood why some people don’t like this band. always understood why they don’t understand them since ATDI’S times. dancing-schizophrenic-afros running from one side to another as if the world would end in a dance between the ugly and beautiful, the sweet and bitter, the sex and death.
personally, i like to call it prog-rock and this is one of those acts that i always greatly respected for their drastic changes in every album or even the awkward band’s line-up nowadays.
i remember saw them live  in cold december night for about 5 / 6 years ago, with a room full of people, melody, screams and psychedelism, a latin feel and a CEDRIC BIXLER-ZAVALA spider version with the microphone around his throat, climbing every iron structure of the roof. DAMN!
OCTAHEDRON is another masterpiece of time and its absence, strange sounds and mystics. a more quiet and melodic version of MARS VOLTA, yet effective and powerful.




2 Respostas to “octahedron.”

  1. a tua perna Says:

    acho que devias de apostar nesse corte.

  2. O teu Papá Says:

    sucks like lassie

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