dr. boondigga and the big BW



here comes “DR. BOONDIGGA AND THE BIG BW” and let me say that this work is pure sex for your ears. after the masterpiece and multi-platinum “BASED ON A TRUE STORY”, i was convinced that it’d be very difficult for FAT FREDDY’S DROP to exceed those expectations, so i promised not judge the record on the first listen. note, it’s clear the change on the musical structure and composition, the electronic elements are now much more vivid, bringing dynamism and a organic side. but the said formula has been really explored and it’s better than ever, the entire disc is so fluid, cohesive and not boring. instead, it brings some crescendo and minimal parts, forcing us to shake our heads off or just to notice how sweet is the sound of nature echoing on the background.




Uma resposta to “dr. boondigga and the big BW”

  1. WALKtheWALK Says:

    desconhecia e até k gostei..depois da-me uns links para sacar este último e o outro albúm de k falas!

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