sabbath v0.2 // hattemachin*

ideas are bulletproof

fake off grey

as you already noticed, the blog has a newest 0.2 VERSION. after half year, it was necessary to move forward with some new and rejuvenating graphics! solid gold :D

recently, HATTEMACHIN* released an 3 song EP called “FAKE OFF” through RAW FLESH DEPT. the PORTUGUESE trio resident in UK showed up again in 2009 with their typical PUNK/INDUSTRIAL structure mixed with some ELECTRO BEATS and IDM MUSIC, which is quite notable on their new songs. if you bang your head with stuff like ATARI TEENAGE RIOT or old NIN, stop being shy and get it HERE.




Uma resposta to “sabbath v0.2 // hattemachin*”

  1. WALKtheWALK Says:

    gostei mt deste novo header, axo k nem precisava do kick pa ficar mesmo bueno.

    n senti mt as cenas novas de hm, ta demasiado robotico, as cenas antigas com guitarras eram mais vivas.

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