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conference day.

Junho 30, 2009


click it, doubts msn ;)



actua design.

Junho 27, 2009


fellas, first i want to thank you all, friends and people who i don’t even know for the big and great feedback about the blog, GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
well, this morning i received four numbers of ACTUA MAGAZINE which i worked along with HEAVYWEIGHT DESIGN on a layout design and illustration. the article talks about KALU, a great, young, promissing surfer and it’s now available for readers

the illustration was chosen for the cover too, so it’s easy to recognize!






Maio 10, 2009

new category

hey gals, i’m debuting a new category on the blog called: GRAPH / WEEK. this new division will be used and dedicated to my projects and personal motivations, showing you every week new image compositions. many of these graphics don’t have any professional use, they are made in few minutes/hours and uploaded to spread my work, skills and competencies as graphic designer.

oh, modern world

post-scriptum: you’re not allowed to use any of this material, unless you contact me or buy me a castle with jacoozi, got it?


peace out and i am,


the chariot.

Maio 3, 2009

not for the weak-hearted.

wars and rumors of wars cover

the chariot

those around me knows that i gave up a lot on all that heavy and hardcore stuff, that i used to hear back in the days. on one hand, i don’t feel THAT CHEMISTRY anymore, on the other, i discover new musical directions and qualities that made me fit in different and positive universes. but the good son always come home, and THE CHARIOT always been one of my preferred chaotic/hardcore/metal/whatever acts since i heard the “UNSUNG EP” in 2006. WARS AND RUMORS OF WARS is their last work and it will hit the stores in two days, and though i couldn’t handle the curiosity and bowed to the leak version on internet, i’m saving now money to order my limited, hand numbered and autographed copy. just watch the vid below and see the interesting, funny, creative and yet lowcost way the album artwork was executed.


peace out and i am,

pedro pissarra


Março 25, 2009

from thinkers to thankers!

TED[dot]com is such a great site that you should check regularly, even if you aren’t inside the design or technologic world. cheers to the guy who posted this on DAB FORUM.


peace out and i am,